svētdiena, 2010. gada 30. maijs

Debašu sezonas izskaņa 2010

Uz tikšanos septembrī!
Tavs ViADK

otrdiena, 2010. gada 25. maijs


Ir pienācis laiks turpināt DK tradīciju un piknikot kā tas pavasarī/vasarā pienākas!

Šis pikniks ir pietuvojies straujiem soļiem - tas notiks jau rīt 26.maijā, plkst. 20:00 A-kojās uz balkona.

Gaidām ierodamies visus DK biedrus un arī DK draugus ar lielisku noskaņojumu un "groziņiem", jo plānots, ka - kā jau piknikā - mums būs jautra kompānija un grils :)

Atpūtīsimies visi kopā vēl pēdējo reizi šajā semestrī!


pirmdiena, 2010. gada 10. maijs

Estonian Open 2010

Returning from Tallinn were was held British Parliamentary Debating tournament it is compulsory for me to share experience what members of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences debating club (VUAS DC) has gained during these days in capital city of Estonia.

Considering into account fact that tournament was held in English and there still is a chance that people from other Baltic debating clubs may find this post through google, I find it necessary to write this post in tournament's official language! So I must say sorry to people who came into the blog and were disappointed when they saw that post is in English!

This tournament was special than other tournaments because of few things. There were workshops which started on Thursday and hopefully improved the quality of debating in whole tournament. It is sad that VUAS DC did not make it to first day of workshops because of their study process in Valmiera. Maybe this is actually the reason why the only team from VUAS did not make it into Semi finals. Or not.

In my opinion motions in tournament were interesting. Decide yourself:

R1: THW allow the abortion only with consent of father.

R2: THW ban alcoholic drinks.

R3: THB that catholic church must be responsible for crimes made by members of their congregation.

R4: THB that liberal democracies have an obligation to intervene into states that commit grave breaches of basic human rights.

R5: THW label all public toilets as "Unisex".

Semi Finals: THB that it is compulsory to send all children after age of 3 to Kinder garden.

Grand Finals: THB that European Union should demand Russia to apologize for crimes done by Soviet Union
to Eastern European countries.
*It is possible that word order is changed.

After screaming success in first day - two first places - VUAS DC (Jānis Rukmanis and Kristaps Rocans) in the second day were debating in Top rooms and got two more points (two third places and one fourth place). With two first places, two third places and one last place, VUAS DC had eight points and did not make it into Semifinals. This, of course is sad, but if we are looking at the bright side of life than I can say that guys did a good job and showed to Baltic debating community that there is one more debating club from Latvia they have to account with!

Me and Reinis Bajors had a privilege to judge this tournament. I can say for both of us that it was a unique experience to judge with one of the best judges in Europe! I got a marvelous chance to judge Semi finals.

The winners of tournament were team which name is impossible to remember although they were winners (Something about Royal Company and Africa). I will definitely clarify the name of winner team after I will receive Tabs. In this team were debating Anna and Sten. Anna was the best speaker of tournament as well.

It was about the formal part.
The main conclusions about informal part are that we must use all the opportunities we can take during our study process. These opportunities include joining debating club, developing your argumentation skills and having nice time! Nothing new, You say? Of course, I just want to remind about it to people who has forgot it!

Thinking about the next year in perspective of debating club, I can advise that it will be easier to do all the things if You will enjoy every moment of your participation in debates. Saying "every moment" I don't mean only tournaments! It includes every session of debating, public debates, informal meetings (in Beer bar, outdoor skating in winter, picnics in spring, going on boat trip under VUAS DC flag, etc.) and debates during study process. And from my own experience I can assure You that it depends on all situations of life. You have to enjoy the process and then outcome will be brighter even know that results were not so good. As an example I can say that guys from VUAS DC who did not make it in to the semi finals were happy after the tournament because they enjoyed the whole process (debates, food, drinks in evenings and a lot of other things which can make You happy).

Finishing this post, I want to say huge thanks to all the people who made this tournament so nice. Tournament was great organized and everything what was related with organizational matters were perfect. Hotel, food, schedule, etc. Thanks to Adjudicators who gave chance to everyone - to debaters and judges. Thanks to members of other debating clubs for nice competition and fun in informal parts of tournament. And of course, thanks to members from one of the favorite organizations in my life - Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Debating Club!