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Our DC @ SSE RIGA Training Tournament in October, 2010

Once upon a time,.. no, actually it was yesterday(09.10.2010) in Riga, there was a debate tournament. SSE RIGA debate training tournament, to be exact. 24 teams took part in it.

VUDC was represented by one single team and that was established by me - Elīna Kunga and my team mate - Edmunds Jansons. Despite the tough morning after a great party in VU birthday's celebration last night, Edmunds made it to be in time for the first round, by appearing at SSE Riga  basically only a minute or two before the motion was displayed on a screen. So VUDC played in all the rounds despite the... various circumstances that seemed to be against the fact. :) After all, as for the only team from DC, we had to. Not that We'll often have a chance to be ViA A. :D But the story is not about that, right? :)

But what it is about, however, is a great experience gained, great fun and of course – a great tournament by all the basics and up ahead. ViA A team especially appreciates the choice of judges and deeply reasoned feedbacks that they gave during the tournament
I bet you are curious what the motions were like. So here it is:

ROUND 1: THW cap prices for vitally important goods like bread and milk 

ROUND 2: THBT parties with overdue debts should not be allowed to participate in elections 

ROUND 3: THB in visa freedom with Russia 

ROUND 4: THW criminalize the payment of ransom 

FINAL ROUND: THBT the EU should approve member countries budget deficit sides

Pretty fun, right? Even though we'd prefer the motion that was displayed before the real ROUND 4 motion. It was something about taking off all the age limits for people to take part in porn movies. :D Would be funny debate, I believe.

See the results below: TEAM-POINTS


That's it for now, Dear Ladies and Gentleman!
For VUDC - Will see you @ debate sessions in English on Tuesdays at 18.00 o'clock and/or sessions in Latvian on Wednesdays at the same time,
As for others - till the next tournament then ;)

Elīna K.

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  1. :-) Lieliski, malači, abi.
    un jauks raksts, patīkami lasīt, girbas tālāk un tālāk.

  2. Ārkārtīgi atvainojos, kam atbildēju par uzvarētājiem, kad kaut ko prātā jaucu.. :p

    Finālā tomēr uzvarēja SSE Riga B