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VUAS Debate Tournament 2014

Dear debaters,

We are proud to invite you to the annual Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Debate Tournament 2014 that will take place from 26th to 27th of April in Valmiera, Latvia. For the first year the tournament will be held in English only. As always, debating format is British Parliamentary (5min speeches; 7min in the final).

This year we are capable of hosting up to 28 teams in the tournament. 

Participation fee is 50EUR per team and 20EUR per judge if paid before 10th of April. Participation fee is 60EUR per team and 25EUR per judge if paid after 10th of April. It includes an accommodation for one night and meals for two days. 

Registration will be open until 4th of April:

Find more info on our official homepage: http://tournament.va.lv/
If you need any other information, contact: debates@va.lv

CA: Ben Gladnikoff 
Best achievements: 
-World Universities Debating Championship 2013: finalist
-Vienna IV 2013: finalist
-European Universities Debating Championship 2013: semi-finalist
-RSO 2013: finalist
-European Universities Debating Championship 2012: finalist
Ben has been a Chief Adjudicator of English Open 2010, Stockholm IV 2013, Paris Central IV 2013. He has also served as a Breaking Judge at World Universities Debating Championship 2014 and other various national and international level breaks.

DCA: Kaspar Kelder 
Best achievements: 
-Winner of Estonian Open 2012, 2013
-European Universities Debating Championship 2012: quarter finalist
-Finalist and the best speaker in SSE Riga IV 2012
-Winner of SSE Riga IV 2011 
-Winner and the best speaker in Moscow Open 2011
-Best speaker at Estonian Universities Nationals 2012, 2013, 2014
In addition, Kaspar has been a Chief Adjudicator of English Collage Open (2013, 2014) and he was coaching Estonian national teams for the World School Debating Championship from 2011-present.

Preliminary schedule: 
Saturday, 26th of April: 
12:00-13:00 Registration & Snacks
13:00-13:30 Opening ceremony
13:30-15:00 Round 1
15:00-16:00 Lunch
16:00-17:30 Round 2
17:30-17:45 Break 
17:45-19:15 Round 3
19:15-20:15 Dinner
20:15-21:00 Arrival in a hotel and check-in
21:00... Informal Event

Sunday, 27th of April
8:30-9:30 Registration & Breakfast 
9:30-11:00 Round 4 
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-12:45 Round 5
12:45-13:45 Lunch
13:45-15:15 Semi-finals
15:15-15:30 Break & Announcements
15:30-17:00 Final
17:00-17:45 Snacks
17:45-18:15 Closing ceremony

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