otrdiena, 2009. gada 3. novembris

Learn from yesterday, live for today!

As we all made out and understood – this wasn`t the high quality debate, but as same we know that we can learn a lot from one`s mistakes! As the saying goes – every cloud has a silver lining. (: And that why it`s important once again review and keep in mind some important issues and main points of debating (this information always will come useful in any debate):

·POI (Points of information)! Always give goods POI and make sure, that your case stay in debate for all time; keep your case stronger. But if you are in second side, don`t give POI witch is connected with your extension, because in that way you can crash your own case.

·If you come out with some examples (what basically is really good and necessary) in your speech, you can`t say: „As one aunt said…”, „I was told that…” an so on, because it isn`t provable and it doesn`t strengthen your speech or arguments, it just sound silly! Example needs to be factual and believable.

·Almost ever you need to avoid from arguments like „example for society”, „example to other countries” etc., because it`s the self-evident issue, and any question theoretically can serve as example to society! If such arguments come in your mind - always think a little bit deeper, a little bit longer!

·If some arguments already are rebutted, don`t explain and touch them anymore. You just must feel what arguments are still left in debate and get down to work! (:

It`s never too late to learn!

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  1. Nice reminder on basics for any who debate! :)

    And yea, if it is sometimes hard to hear critics from adjudicators, keep in mind that the Chair usually knows stuff, and certainly knows how to debate, therefore if he/she says that debte "sucked" - then it actially did (and was a BAD debate), and what you have to do, is to listen to the feedback, learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them anymore. I relly hope, that it will hapen rather rare in tournaments and sessions, that you 'll hear that debate "suked" :))

  2. Thanks for these instructions! I'll try to avoid repeating these mistakes in future.
    But still - I'm not quite sure I got the point about the need NOT to give POI connected with my extension during the first half of debate. I just don't see any real damage of letting them "touch" the topic, if I see it really hard for them to oppose and there's a possibility they could agree or even stand against their own case.
    Of course - it's kind of a risk that my opponent would have a great rebuttal to my Q, so it would destroy my extension, as it was said in feedback of this debate. But if my extension is that weak, there is no actual difference if it is destroyed by a speaker from first half of debate or by speaker that comes after my speech. At least, I believe in it, but please be free to tell me I'm wrong and to clear this misunderstanding.

    What about a debate itself - as I'm the new one to all this, I didn't find it too bad at all. Well.. For others (I mean - experienced ones), of course, it's different, they knows what to expect from a good debate and so on, but, I guess, we all just have to go through debates like this to actually estimate the good ones, when the time comes.
    Still - I liked it - not that I learned a lot of it, but personally for me - it was pretty entertaining, and since (at least for now) this is the main reason why I'm debating, for me - this session was successful. ;)

    Thanks and best regards to all of you ;)

  3. Or maybe I've just misunderstood what the POI is.. :D

  4. I really don't want to sound rude or something like that, but You all must know the difference between constructive critique and personal offence.
    Feedback after debate is the first one ;)

  5. Elīna, giving out main idea of jour extention in "poi" too early in debate can result in two things, that you don't want;
    1) First gov.(opp) will simply "steal" it from you, and present your extention as their argument, leving you without extention, which is WERRY BAD!
    2) Second prop/opp. can make good rebattle to your extention well before, you even start your speech - so why give extra advantages to opponents?

    And, if you think that your Extention sucks....then throw it away and think of better one, because if you simply qoute some shit, and call it " my extention"....well, it will still be a shit, and you'll get bad palce in debate.

    I hope I answered the question. :)

  6. Owh, sounds a bit too harsh, but I guess I got the idea.. :D Tnx. ;)

  7. Maybe Kkristaps was little bit to hard, but i am sure that You (Elīna) will understand how to give a POI without "killing" your extension!
    As we all know - all these things come with experience!